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Most stems will be 7"-12" unless I list otherwise.

bunch of stargrass (7 or 8 short stems) $1.50
Najas guadalupensis $1.50
a ton of Hygro Poly (20 stems +) $1.50 Sold
3 or 4 small nymphodes taiwan $2.00
3-4 big stems ludwigia reopens $1.50 Sold
4-5 stems ludwigia palustris $2.00 Sold
2 purple stems of ludwigia glandulosa $2.00 Sold
4-5 stems of ludwigia brevipes $3.00 Sold
5-6 stems ludwigia inclinata $3.00 Sold
2 stems azurea (12" plus) $3.00
4-5 ammania gracilis $3.00
2 bulbs nymphea rubra $3.00
8-9 Potemogeton wrightii $1.50
7-9 Myriophyllum aquaticum $1.50
a Clump of riccia at least 2x3- $2.00
One large anubias - this is a chunk of rhizome I broke off a piece that got too big- it is a huge rhizome with three or four small to medium sized pieces growing off of it- split them off and chuck the rhizome or plant the whole thing and wait for more sprouts- up to you. Its pretty ugly the way it is now-I would split them off rather than wait for new growth. $3.00
$5.00 shipping

If you think its too expensive, make me an offer... I just want it to have a new home.

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Glad to see you're back to where you have excess to share!
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