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17 day cycle?

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Never really got into the chemistry of fish tanks until I did saltwater for a few years and by then it had already been a couple years since I did freshwater.

Using aquasoil my Ammonia jumped to 8 PPM in 24 hours, within a 17 day period I went from 8 PPM ammonia to 2-5 PPM Nitrites and as of today 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 10 Nitrates. Seems extremely fast.

In the past, when I had freshwater... set up tank, add 2-3 fish, wait 6 weeks, add the rest. lol So I really don't know how long it takes :eek:

Anyone ever see tanks cycle this quick?

Maybe its not cycled and Im retarded.
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There is a thread here somewhere where someone did a test using those biological bacteria starters. The tank was cycled (or at least safe) in 3 days time, just as advertised. Aquasoil is meant to help cycling so I would guess your tank is cycled? For me I had a lot of frogbit and floaters so they sucked out tons of my ammonia quick.
Most of the ADA products continue to produce ammonia, though the rate drops, for as long as a month.

It is sort of like a race, with the soil producing ammonia and the bacteria removing it. At some point the first species (which grows pretty fast) has caught up with the soil, and is converting all the ammonia it can produce to nitrite.
The nitrite removing species is slower growing, so unless you already had a pretty good starter colony, I would be suspicious about your 0ppm readings. These guys just do not grow that fast.

Are there some plants in the tank? Plants also remove ammonia, so the bacteria do not even get a chance to turn it into nitrite or nitrate.
Plants also remove nitrite and nitrate, and this would account for the low nitrate level.

A fishless cycle in an unplanted tank, with no starter colony will take 3 weeks and will produce nitrate in the low hundreds of ppm.
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