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I have a 17.1 gallon with everything you need to have a high tech planted tank. Here is a list of all the equipment and their retail prices. Shoot me an offer. I am trying to sell it all together. I am in los angeles. The prices listed are their retail price

Aquatek regulator r-76 - 90

5 lb. Co2 tank- 45

Co2 diffuser pollen glass beetle 30- 130

Lights fluval full spectrum - 160

Glass inflow- not entirely sure around 25 or maybe less

Glass outflow- not sure probably around 20

Substrate mr aqua- 90

Plants- dbt growing for half a year so not sure Eheim 2213- 80

Co2 double check checker- 50

Tank 17.1 mr aqua- 90

Stand- built myself cost not sure

Entire cost- 850 not including stand, plants, or tax

Please make a reasonable offer, thank you Here is a link to the pictures

Also I have an atomotizer or however you spell it that I could toss in
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