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160watts HOT5

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I am in need of a new fixture for my 72" 150G aquarium, I currently have a 48" 260watt PC fixture on it which grows plants very well. My L330 Royal also appreciates the lower light on the ends of the tank. I am looking at a 60" 2X80watt HOT5 which is very reasonably priced. My question is should I just go with another 260watt PC or opt for the 160watt HOT5. I know that T5s are more efficient forms of lighting, but I would be loosing 100watts. I am looking at Catalina fixtures if it makes a difference.
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Is that a 29 inch high tank or 24 inch? At a 29 inch distance two T5HO bulbs should give you medium light, but at 24 inches, it should give you high light. Both will be more light than you are getting from the PC fixture. The wattage is irrelevant.
Thanks for your reply! The tank is a 24" deep tank...should I suspend the fixture above the tank as I do not plant to inject CO2?
I would suspend that light about 4-6 inches above the top of the tank, or about 28-30 inches from the substrate surface. That should drop the intensity down into the non-CO2 range, and it will give better uniformity of light intensity.
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