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16 Gallon High Light Tank, Am I going The Right Way?

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Hey everyone!! I have been reading and reading for a few weeks now.. Learning quite a bit so hope this isn't too much of a noob question.

I have a 16 Gallon Bow Front Freshwater planted tank..
65 Watt Coralife Fluorescent light
Hagen CO2
HOB Filter
Florite Gravel
Dwarf Grass along the entire bottom of tank.
A few other random plants
heavy fish load I would believe
Tank has been running for about a year and a half

Ok I now realize that this is a high light tank.. I REALLY realized when I put my other 65 watt light on LOL 8 WPG no wonder my glass went green.. back to the one light.. I realize I could really use even less,, but it is just the one tube for all those 65 watts... and I don't think all the light is getting into the tank anyways as a couple inches on either side overhangs.
anyways I am prepared to do whatever work is needed to make that light work

Got caught in a move and didn't use CO2 for a while.. plants died off but the grass is still there.. just not beautiful like it once was./. Got the CO2 running again.. I have never used fertilizer before.. but now realize it is obviously essential. Everything used to grow and pearl beautiful with no ferts I think it was the new Florite Gravel.. How long is that stuff good for??
Got some seachem stuff for free.. so just gonna use it up then order and use the dry ferts ..

I am getting a marlineland canister filter that I am gonna replace my HOB filter with.. and I have a power head that I would like to put in but I think with this canister I might not need it...

Anyways am I on the correct track... any obvious mistakes going to be made?? Just excited to be back into it interested again..
Any advice appreciated.. and I will get pictures up soon..

Also is 16 Gallons going to create any difficulties?? Is this considered a Nano Tank?
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