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Woah, a Tank roak? Nice. I got a tank roak about a year ago, a 46 with light, eheim .. ya know, an old petsmart special. Looks like it cleaned up nice! Mine had a ton of green algae and needed to be resiliconed but yours seems to have fared better but free is free right?

I wish I got free shrimpies with mine but mine was barren! I'll have shrimps in it as soon as they start breeding in my smaller tank.

My only complaint with java moss is that short stands will find their way into EVERYTHING. I'm having that issue with my xmas moss. Once it breaks off it'll float around and find a new home and attach to some plant or another. I think it's worth it though cause it's easy to pick out and shrimps go crazy over it!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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