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15g Tank...Suggestions Please

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Ok after a little research i'm down to this...

Any suggestions or anything I should change?

Using an Eheim Ecco 2232, and it's soon to be heavily planted (when they fill in) mud bottom capped with sand and small river pebbles with driftwood all around
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since you have a smaller tank, i would maybe suggest reducing the number of schooling species and increasing the number of one species' school? would look a bit less cramped in that tank. i have the ecco 2232 btw. it is a good filter provided there are no air bubbles present in the filter. that took me a while to remove
Yea same with the filter it was hell, and it's in the bedroom so I could hear that rattling it drove me nuts

Maybe ill increase the cpd and shrimp and knock out the emps.. I wanted a showy fish or pair but couldnt find anything suitable.
Don't add anything. Overstocked 10Gs aren't fun to take care of. If you go light on the stocking, you'll have fewer problems, particularly since some shrimp are sensitive to disease.
Just one warning... Dwarf chain loaches'll demolish shrimps. Same with the blue emperors... I've kept both species for a few years, and they're both big hunters.
Well, I would have went oto's instead of shrimp but... i've never had an oto for more than a day. I could change the loaches to a dwarf cory though. I have a group of clowns in my big tank and we love how much they like to play.
I'd say that definately looks better! Also, if you like cories (and schooling fish), you could probably get away with a dozen or so dwarf cories (pygmaus or habrosus)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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