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15G - Help switching to LED Lighting

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My current setup is a 15G red cherry shrimp tank which is decently planted. The tank is the taller variation at 18". Width is 20" with a 10" depth. I am currently running two generic home depot work lamps suspended above the aquarium each running GE 20W CFB at 6500K. I measure roughly 27" from the light source to the top of the substrate. I am not using CO2 since it bothers the cherry shrimp, but I do dose regularly with Flourish comprehensive and iron. I do have a CO2 setup (not installed) that I can use as an option if I can regulate it to where the output will not effect the shrimp.

Here is the tank as currently setup:

I estimate about 35-40 PAR value per light fixture currently according to this graph:

The tank seems to be in perfect balance at the moment with decent plant growth, minimal algae, and healthy shrimp. I would like to replicate this lighting with an LED fixture of some kind. I've been looking at the Current LED+, which is a great unit, but I do not believe the PAR value to be sufficient, or at the very least it's at the lower end of my needs. I viewed the Finnex Planted+ as well, but I would like to get some suggestions from you guys in order to steer me towards the best adequate fixture for my needs.

I hope I have given enough information. If anything else is required please let me know.
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