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150 gallon 72x18x30

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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to know if I have sufficient lighting for my 150 gallon. I am going to run a 72" 3x80 watt T5HO fixture with laddered bulbs so that there is lighting across the entire length.

I know the watts/gallon rule really doesn't apply here but I'm concerned that I may be running too little light.

I will be doing easier plants with mostly swords, crypts, anubias, java fern, Wisteria, and possible a few other Hygrophila species.

I will run pressurized CO2 in the aquarium but want to keep it sorta low tech.

Fish will be Geophagus tapajos red head, a school of melanotaenia parva, and a good school of a tetra species. I will also add some scalare down the road.

If i need to add more light, Would a few Ecoxotic Panaroma 8000K fixtures work as a fix?

If not, what do you suggest? Thank you.
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If you have the bulbs spread out across the front to back depth of the tank, 6 inches apart or more, to get uniform lighting, and have very good reflectors, and good quality, full powered T5HO ballasts, you should have about 30 micromols of PAR, which should be ideal for what you want.
Thank you Hoppy. You're always so helpful.

Unfortunately, the 3 bulbs are close to each other in a fixture. Its a Catalina fixture.

What can I add to this to supplement so that I have enough light? I cannot return this fixutre and would hate to have to replace it with something else and have this sitting around.

I was thinking getting a dual bulb T5HO fixture but it seems impossible to find a dual lamp 72 inch fixture.

The other idea is to get 3 Ecoxotic Panarama or Stunner strips at 8000K and mount them into my canopy just behind my Catalina fixture.

Please offer any insight.

Thanks again!
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If you raise that light about 12 inches above the top of the tank, it should give you about the amount of light you want, around 40-50 micromols of PAR, and it should cover the whole tank pretty uniformly.
Thanks again Hoppy. Unfortunately I have a canopy. It sounds like I may need to supplement. All these led threads are way too intense to understand for someone like me who has very limited technical knowledge around lighting.

If I add supplemental lighting, what s my best option?

I am starting to lean toward getting two true lumen 36 inch pro led strips in 8000k. Will that give me what I need?

Thanks again everyone.
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