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This is my first post ever on a forum so I thought it fitting to show everyone my 15 gal, arguably low tech, planted tank. A few days ago I re-scaped the tank to what you see in the pictures. I used amazon sword, cryptocoryne, and various anubias' that I already had as well as some new additions. I would call it low tech simply because I spent very little. The lighting is a $6.00 60w grow light from Home Depot attached to a bastardized desk lamp from walmart. I don't believe one needs to spend the amount of money that Green Machine or ADA charge in order to achieve similar results. I'm happy to answer any questions but I don't want to bore anyone since we all just want to see the pictures anyways, AMIRITE?!...


15 gal tall tank
Fluval 105
air pump
60w grow lamp

temp ~76^
PH 6.4-6.8
2 gal water change daily
supplement 5ml flourish excel daily

Amazon Sword
Ludwigia Peruensis(?)
Ludwigia Repens
Anubias Barteri var. Nana
Anubias Nangi(?)
Java Moss
Cabomba Green

3x Rosy Tetras
4x Rummy Nose Tetras
5x Neon Tetras


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Here is the 2 week update. The Ludwigia has shot up further than I expected. After a slight die off from acclimating, the Java Moss is starting to grow out nicely. I've also added a colony of rili shrimp so I'm excited about that.

Also the Cabomba has grown like a weed, as expected, so I'll be cutting that soon. I'm looking for protips to getting that lush, thick clump of it that the pros do if anyone has any insight.


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