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15 gal long (12 inch high) medium light?

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I would appreciate any advice on this:

I plan on getting a 15 gallon long (24x12x12) and was wondering which lights I should get for medium light. Basically, I want enough light to grow some carpet plants (like keeping HM short), but not enough so that I have to use pressurized CO2. (I do plan on fertilizing and maybe dosing with Excel or DIY.)

General consensus seems to be that T5HOs are way too powerful for a 12" depth unless I mount the light above. I'd really prefer to use legs since I'm trying to keep the top open (ie. no screens or glass tops).

As for PCs, I'm also trying to keep heat down, since I live in Southern Cali where the weather stays hot most of the time. (Never need a heater - I wish chillers were cheaper!) Would a 2x24 T5NO be too much? Would a 1x36 PC be better? Thank you for your input.
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Probably the best light for that tank would be 2 T8 bulbs, or one of the 36 watt PC fixtures with a poor reflector. The latter could sit on legs and still be good.
Even T5NO are too strong, eh? :icon_wink Thanks for your input, Hoppy. I just hope the heat won't boil my water...

Ah, I also forgot to ask. Will 1x36 PC be enough to keep Hemianthus micranthemoides a carpet, or will they get leggy?
You probably can't grow that carpet plant successfully without CO2, at least not as a carpet plant.
Thanks for all your replies, Hoppy. Sooo tempting to set up a paintball system and get the T5NOs...It's not the cost/initial effort of CO2 so much as constantly fertilizing. (Same reason I never went into seahorse-keeping: neglect the tank for a week and it dies.)
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