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14 G BioCube Tank Reborn

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I have been wanting a planted tank for a long time but I was never sure if I could convince my wife to let me spend the money. Well she agreed finally :D so we revived this tank from a failed attempt at saltwater tanks.

So I read through this site till my eyes glazed over from content overflow and decided that I would try the mineralized soil with a black fluorite sand cap.

For filtration I had discarded the bio balls a couple years ago so I'm using the inards from my filtration system from the 29 gallon I have in the garage. It should work for right now while the tank settles. The LFS owner suggested I use a canister filter so I'll look into that. Any advise is welcome. I'm kinda thinking of using a stage platform made with egg crate scafolding to slide in the middle chamber.

For CO2 I'm waiting on parts to get here for the Paintball canister conversion found in this forum.

For lighting I'm using only two of the three bulbs (modded hood for extra lighting) till I see a algea explosion then I'll cut it back to one. I would like to see if I can balance the CO2 and HO T5's on there and keep the algae in check but we'll see.

My starter plants are Thin leafed java fern, micro sword, star moss, xmas moss, and a plant I just picked up from the LFS and I need to go back to see what it was called(the plant in the back right corner).

Only extra thing I have in the tank is the drift wood which I wrapped together with spider fish line and have wedged in for now till it gets good and water logged and stops floating :D

Some questions I have is now that I have it all together I feel that I have researched everything under the sun in regards to starting it but now I'm at a loss for maintaining it. This isn't my first fish tank by any means but it is my first planted one.
With the CO2 in place will it basically run on it's on and require just some trimming?
What kind of critters do I need to keep the plants clean?
Is there a trick to getting the drift wood to stop bleeding into my tank?

With that said here are a few shots of my tank. I did a water change of about two gallons but that didn't do much to clear it up.

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Looking good. Once you can move your DW where you want it I bet you will be more pleased with the tank's appearance. I like finely textured stems like Myrio and fast growing sort of japanese looking pennywort to add height.
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