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13mm canister hoses?

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What canister filters have 13mm canister hoses? I'm in the process of planning on tearing down my 55 even though I just swapped substrate to set up two smaller cubes in its place. One which I'll use a hob and another which I'll use a canister. I have a set of poppy pipes I want to use when I set them up but I'm trying to figure out which filter eheim has that has big baskets like fluval and have 13 mm hoses.
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Finnex px-360, eheim 2213, 2215, eccos is what comes to mind. Stepping down from 5/8 is another option.

Stepping down?
Stepping down?
Reducing diameter (via adapters) of tubing from 5/8 inch to 13 mm.
I want to get one for my filter now but I dint want to spend 40$ for two adapters from Borneo wild. Too expensive
5/8 to 1/2 plastic barbs are << $5 at marine depot. They work just fine.
They won't blow off from water pressure?
The Eheim 2213 has 13 mm hoses and has a media basket, unfortunately its flow rate is not that much. The 2215 may have 13 mm hoses (not sure) but it dosen't have the media basket, you just load the canister itself.
They won't blow off from water pressure?
I would use hose clamps just in case. I think they run about $0.75/ea for 1".
I couldn't find the 1/2 to 5/8 on the website. Are there other barbs or brands? That's aren't as expensive as bw but just as good as bw or the barbs. What about ista?

Also, I'm looking to buy two cube aquariums. I'm looking for around 20-27g

What brands would you suggest that aren't to expensive I'm looking to spend about 200 in total
Thank you thank you haha

A little expensive for he 20.5g Mr aqua. Wonder if here's a cheaper place to get one.
You are welcome. Google still works :)

Shipping larger tanks is not cheap.
I would call Albany Aquarium (they have some stock and can order more). Neptune Aquatics in Milpitas would be closer, w/e other LFS in your area. Maybe use that phone for it's original purpose+ :-*

Deep Blue Professional is another good brand.

Haha. I know but I like getting input and suggestions from others before I start looking locally to get an idea of what to get and stuff.
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