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I don't mist anything regularly, I mist to fertilize with a light fertilizer mix.

There are two big Eheim pro 3 filters choked down to about 50%, that T together. 3/4" pvc was used to acomidate the two filters. There is a inline heater on one. The intake is on the left side, with foam pre-filters, buried under the moss.
The return is on the right side, and there is a submersible pump buried at the bottom, Drawing from the return. It feeds the two watter features.
One is a geode, a diamond drill bit was needed to drill through it, as it is made of quartz.
The other is on the left side, in the back, the pile of rocks.
I will try to load a small video of all the watter features.
And yes the background could absolutely be improved. I was at a fishstore, and they had a bunch of super thin cork. Something definatly needs to happen.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts