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13 watt aquarium bulb

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Hello all, I just purchased a used 10 gallon rimless tank. I have had a planted tank 3 years ago but I ended up with some problems and I gave up. I had bad led lighting, I didn't like the biowheel filter, bad choices in fish for a newbie etc. Well I'm ready to try again but first, the tank hood I cannot find any info on, specifically the light. How can I tell if it will grow plants? It is a 13 watt light but there's no info on it or the hood that I can find. Here are some pics. There is also a compartment on the front and I don't know what it's for. I don't like the look of this hood since the tank is rimless but I'm willing to use it for the time being if it will grow plants, the light seems very bright.


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Have I posted in the wrong section?

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