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13.5 Gallon Iwagumi Shrimp Tank, Updated January

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Hey all. After my first tank, the Learning Experience, taught me much about aquascaping and growing plants, I decided to setup a new, rimless, nano iwagumi. I'm calling the scape "Pride", credits go to my girlfriend for the name. I tried to do create a scape that emphasizes the size of the main stone, allowing the eye to center onto it and appreciate the lush green carpet that surrounds it. I'll be using a high tech setup with CO2 and high light.

All photos will probably be taken with my iPhone 4S

13.5 Gallon
20" x 13" x 12"

1x 24" T5HO, using Aquaticlife Fixture

spikey moss

3x Otocinclus


Doing a dry start to ensure root growth before flooding. Also allows me to setup my hardware in the places i want them.

Critique of the hardscape is greatly appreciated! Changes can always be made :)
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This is probably the final rock placement I've come to be happy with. I decided to just fill it and learn what happens when you plant HC like this. Currently my CO2 is running at 2 bps, haven't been able to measure CO2 accurately atm.

Here's how it looks as of today:

Contrast is kinda crazy. It's not like that in person.


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October 9 Update:

Not much to write other than to point out the growth of the HC and the arrival of new Crystal Red Shrimp. :thumbsup: Everything is going pretty well so far. Minor hardscape changes here and there as well. Very minor.

I've also made some hardware changes to the tank to allow a better living environment for the shrimp. ie. Airstone, lower co2 levels, and switched from 4x t5ho to just 2x to accommodate for the lower co2 levels. Hopefully the HC can adapt accordingly :)


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