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12V LED dimmer wiring question

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I have a 6g Edge which I made an LED strip fixture for and also replaced the stock halogen bulbs with MR16 LEDs. I want to be able to dim the 2 MR16 and the light strips independently and was wondering if by using this would be the way to do it?

Do I just wire the 2 MR16 sockets to one channel and the strips to another channel? By using that dimmer can I get away with just using one 12V AC adapter as long as it's rated for the max wattage all the lights can output?
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yes, you've got it right, wire each to a channel and away you go, it's actually for controlling a multi colour strip allowing you to get exactly the shade you want, but it'll serve your purpose perfectly.

in a similar DIY style i've got a maplins (Velman) light activated switch kit which i have wired into my white and blue strips, it swaps from day to night automatically unless i have the lights on in the room, it'll also swap to night mode if i turn the lights off to watch a film as the TV's not bright enough to set it off.
A little mod and i'm also able to over ride it.
a great little mod for £7

i'm using a 2A supply which will suit 5m of the 5050 smd leds i use (£18 Ebay), so my 4 strips of 50cm doesn't push it at all.
they can be had on Ebay for about £4-6
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