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This was my first project tank where I waited to get exactly every piece of equipment I wanted before setting up instead of doing it piecemeal.

Took me a long time to find a canister skimmer input that is clear and fits in a shallow nano tank. Plus they can be trimmed about an inch shorter without too much trouble. I also drill 2 holes in the bottom cap that adjusts skimmer flow so I can use the two tips aquascape tongs and adjust it from the top instead of underneath, smooch easier.

12G long Aquatop low iron glass tank
Custom BC Custom planed Lumber
Stand is bolted to studs in wall as it is 39 inches tall and 14 inches wide.
It has adjustable fee to level it.
It's our work out -jam session- rec room etc

It will be enclosed with magnetic panels from the shelf up once I finish getting them done.

I had very clear ideas for setup , it was to be clean ,compact , tidy, and minimalist but high tech with equipment hidden as possible and no cords in the tank.

Amazon (and Aliexpress for skimmer)ended up being the only place I could find what I wanted so (the filter, co2 regulator, co2 diffuser, led strip , plastic tubing to make inlets, wifi timer, power bar, adjustable feet all from there .

Oase Thermofilter 100 (Rolls Royce of filters ) These filters are the bomb.

Built in removeable heater . Invisible shutoffs, very high quality construction. So quiet I can’t tell it’s on usually. German Engineering

JC&P 48 full spec adjustable 5730 led strip with built in timer(Canadian company that has these built to their specs in Asia)

SodaStream Tank Nano Co2 setup
Co2 Art style inline diffuser

Standard dual stage cga320 regulator with solenoid bubble counter etc
Sodastream deluxe bottle adapter with needle on/off valve

Sodastream Bottle adapter with needle valve for on off ( zero gas loss when removing bottle almost )

Wei Pro 2010 Ph controller Amazon find*seems to working very well so far.

Wifi outlet turns controller on 2 hours before light-on and 1 hour before light off
Going to build a diy inline ph probe housing as well.

Custom handmade plastic inlet and outlet pipes(by me)

Hardscape all from LFS
Substrate BDBS medium mesh

Seiryu Stone and Mopani

Plants –
Blyxa japonica, red root floaters , frogbit, rotala hra and wallichi , bit of bacopa and java moss, Ar mini, alittle hornwart, crypts all plants harvested from my other tanks . A few cabomba plantlets
I will get Christmas moss in there instead of java

Ferts My diy osmocote+ Plus tabs and Tropica Specialized

My tap water has only a TDS of 10 , basically RO (our city has the most advanced water treatment plant in north America and it’s fed by Alpine mountain runoff
SO I have to remineralize with my Diy GH booster which has a 3-1 cal to mag ratio and then
kh booster using sodium bicarbonate
Gh will be set at 3ish dgh Kh Set At 1.5 dkh ie 2 to1 for my cherry shrimp that seem to love that ratio.

Just planted a few days ago . lots to grow in and trim etc

Occupants will likely be emeralds rasboras and cpds , kuhlis, and amanos, right now just 1 pair of m/f cherry shrimp and some praecox rainbow fry I need to grow out .

Going to have grew matching walls magnetic panels from bottom of shelf up.
You can see how tiny soda stream set up is.
Ph controller is not yet mounted in this pic thou.
I fill my own sodastream bottles as I already have a soda machine and cylinders so this is a cheap nano setup:)
According to my initial testing I can get 4 ish months on a fill at 1.5 bps.
I ran it for a week , but weighed the whole bottle and reg on day 1 and day 7 , divide the change in weight by 7 and voila.
Scape I'm aiming for is a wildish river bed , more biotope than specific style ..

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Added a piece of spiky moss , and plants on day 5 filling in.

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