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125g setup help

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This tank is no where near being set up. As the basment does not even have the studs up yet :( But its getting there.
But I do have my 55g tank to look at till then. When the 125g is set up I will take the 55g down and put that into storage. Then set up another shrimp tank this time a 30g. Meaning we will have 6 tanks. 3 Salt, 2 shrimp and a FW planted community tank.

This is what I currently have in the 55g tank.
4 pearl gourami [1m, 3f]
5 oto cats
3 platys [+ 2 babies in shrimp tank]
12 Rasbors Espes [pork chops]
7 Kuhli loaches
5 black kuhlis
9 Julii Cory cats
3 kribs [stil no pair there]

I will be getting rid of the platys and 3 kribs. Then I will put the pair of kribs I have in my Q tank now into there. these ones actually look like most pictures i see. The ones in the 55g are more black and look just a little different but maybe its the size difference that make them look so different.

So for the 125g I was tinking:
4 pearl gourami [m, 3 female]
5 oto cats
24 rasbora espes
15 kuhlis [normal & balck]
9 julii cory cats
2 kribs [breeding pair]

I was thinking of adding some checkered barbs, another type of gourami or hatched fish and maybe some more cory cats.
What do you think should i add some more??
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Hi! Nice plans you have there.

I would consider adding a few more Otos, just since they love to be around eachother. Maybe 3-4 more.

You'll have to be careful with adding more gouramis; many are territorial and may frighten the gentle-natured Pearls. Maybe some dwarfs, though.

The barbs sound like a great idea, too!
Looks like a decent setup. You could up the number of Pearls though. Also, with Pearl Gouramis remember, you are not limited to just 1 male in the tank. Pearl Gouramis do not fit the normal character profile of gouramis. Multiple males of the species will actually get along provided the group is at least 6. I'd up the number of Pearls to that number.
Also, be careful of adding a breeding pair of Kribs. They are great community fish but when breeding they are typical cichlids. They will defend their territory rather fiercely and any small fish that wanders into their territory may pay the ultimate price for doing so.
How about this

6 pearl gourami [2males, 4 female]
10 oto cats
12 rasbora espes
15 checkered or cherry barbs
15 kuhlis [normal & black]
9 julii cory cats
2 kribs [breeding pair]

What else could I do instead of the kribs that could raise fry in this set up?

How about Hatchet fish can they get along with pearls??
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It's going to to be difficult for anything to raise fry in a community setup. Even dwarf cichlids will not fight off everyone that wants a snack. That's the difficulty in trying to raise fry in a community setup. Most of the other fish will make a snack out of the fry.
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