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So I am preparing to tear down my higher maintenance 75g Dutch style tank,
along with my 125g Community tank.

The final result will be my first ADA style scape in the 125g.

My major concern right now is where to go with my lighting.

I have a 4ft 6bulb HOT5 rack over the 75g currently. I can simply add a 2nd
HOT5 rack (2 ft) on the end, making up the 6ft stretch. Although attempting to
sell the 6bulb rack could be a PITA, selling it means I could budget in 2 250w
MH pendants.

I purchased my HOT5 system from the local hydro store, I have had no luck
finding specs, or info that would help me on my way. Just the same rehashed
specs that came in the box.

Sunsystem Sunblaze 46 6bulb HOT5
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