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I know Most people don't like videos, but its much easier then trying to sort out the pictures by date

Warning, This tank has been set up since last July and I'm not good at going backward, so things will be pretty patchy. I will keep better update from here on. May remember some tid bits and fill in.

Tank started here

A 55 gallon high tech, totally over grown. Had hardly any problems with it, generally looked great and I had to switch it all out. The new tank has given me a few head aches.

The 55 gallon went on to a 125 gallon 6 foot which I couldn't pass up it was such a great deal.

Here's a good photo of the stand me and my dad (my dad) built. I did paint it though :)

tank went through the whole green faze (wish I had of kept some for daphnia)

I set the tank up very quickly, Play sand (from the 55) things went very well, but I decided I wanted to do it differently after seeing all the great tanks on here so...

The reason patience is such a good idea, but I lost 0 fish in the change over and everything turned out okay. Still an all day job, dirting an established 125 gallon. Capped with playsand

This tank has gone through many many changes, if you watched the video you know :icon_wink Lots of plants in and out, but I am finally deciding on a much simpler tank.

Tank inhabitants are
Congo Tetra!!!!!!!
Bumble bee gobies (would not recommend these guys for a community tank. I love them, but have a hard time making sure they get enough to eat. They may get their own tank soon.
Peppered corydora, most bred by me :)
Bristle nose plecs. Long finned and short finned albinos and regular short finned. I have 9 in total (it's a long story)
Cherry Barbs again most bred by me :)
Otocinclus (my babies)
Siamese Algae Eaters
Bolivian ram
Kuhli Loaches (again possibly not suited for community life but doing okay!)
One female Betta, Ice
And...... To fill out the tank, baby congos!!!!!!!!!! Bred them myself, waiting for them to grow out. Its taking forever.

This tank was started as Co2 injected, 20 lbs tank, regulator, inline diffuser the whole shebang, then I changed my mind. I want the tank to be as self sufficient as possible so the C02 has been gone for about a month. Everything is doing okay so far, thanks to the dirt!

Here it is before the latest rescape, the wood and rock work has been removed.

Here is the current look, and some of the inhabitants.

Elvis, biggest Bolivian Ram

Bad pic of ice. She's an awesome little fish. Excuse all the bba

Plecs enjoying watermelon.

Fat little plec

A Bee in comparison to a small plec. Bees are very small :)

Another cutie

Beautiful Female congos with the blandest male congo (he's doing okay with the ladies though)

Corydora :)

The congos, a while back when they were younger

A bee. These guys have actually spawned in the community tank! Gonna take them out and bred them later so I can save the babies.

Please watch this video for my best male Congos!! (Babies are gonna be even better!!)

And tank as of a few nights ago.

Hope you enjoy :)

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I never thought about feeding watermelon to my plecos before. That's really kinda cool.

The bees are adorable, you're lucky they bred. Hopefully you can save the fry.

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Tank got a bit of a make over, well a full make over. Can't show it yet, not good enough to show. It looks bare and sad at the moment, but the fish are happy with all the extra room..mostly. And I am happy with the way it is going to grow in, if it does.
Lets just say, corner to corner, I will soon have six feet of carpet. Hoping things fill in a couple months.
Here's a sad looking picture, just so I have a picture. That's the right corner by the way.

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Did a major rescape a few weeks ago. The biggest resacpe I have ever done. Not sure even yet how I feel about it, but since I sent out most of the plants to other hobbyist, I'm stuck with what I have.
I think when the carpet grows up, I will be really happy with it. It is the type of scape I have been wanting. I am much more for the calmer scapes, rather then the overly planted types.

First picture, this is what it looked like just BEFORE the rescape. Quite nice actually, now that I see it, but living with it was getting tiresome.

Here it is now. Good, bad or ugly?? I like it more, but I do miss the plants a little. Once the carpet grows in I will be much happier.

Tell me what you think!

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LOL, thank you fine pickle. I had a panic attack before hand as well.

I still wonder sometimes if I made a mistake, but the hairgrass is growing!!! Was mostly afraid the carpet wouldn't fill in without the co2 but I see new growth, so in a few months I should have my carpet :)

I really like the amount of work I have to do now, much easier, and the tank is so calm now.

Plus the baby congos are getting bigger, so when I add another 20 who will notice the plants :wink:

Also if anyone is wondering about congos eating plants like I did when I first got them, answer is it depends. I do know they LOVE duckweed. The plants I have now are safe, though I did have a few species disappear, I do not know if I killed them or if the congos ate them, either way I love my Congos so I don't mind :icon_surp
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