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120VAC Relay for Water Circuit Breaker

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Hey guys, first post in this forum. I don't normally post in forums, but I really don't know where else to get help for my electrical build. I am designing and building my own water circuit breaker that is tripped when a leak is detected. When a water sensor is tripped, it cuts off the electricity to any equipment plugged in. I will try and post a paint picture for anyone who wants to see the design. Here is my problem. I need a 120v 10-15 Amp relay with a 12V coil. The trigger is a constant supply of 12VDC going into the coil, until water is detected, then the 12v is shut off. Which then should cut off the 120VAC supply. So essentially what I need as a 120v 10-15Amp SPDT/SPST relay with a 12V coil that is normally open. I have looked on electronic sites and I can't figure out the part naming scheme. If anyone on here has any experience with relays, I could really use the help. Thanks!
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