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120p ( Possible Future Paludarium) Journal

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Hey id like to share my previously set up tank. Im not really planning on going too crazy with the scaping but more on just trying to have a successful tank that had little to no algae.

Im going with the dsm and just tossed some extra hc in there from trimming another tank. Im planning on growing my erio collection in this tank along with some other rarities i find along the way.


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Just an update, decided to go a slightly different route.

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Very cool! Can't wait to see it progress!
I would like more info on how the cliffs were made? Also what lighting and filter are you going with. Never seen a 120P set up this way. probably end up with 40 gallons of water instead of the 70 gallons the ADA 120P normally holds. Looks great BTW
The cliffs were made with eggcrate, spray foam and then covered with exo terra plantation soil. I dont even know what brand the light is, i bought it all together but i cant see any brand in the light. Yeah might be even less than that, im only planning on filling it up with about 6 inches of water.
Looks great Jose! You did a really nice job with the spray foam. I'm hoping to do something similar with a future wabi-kusa setup.

What flora/fauna are you planning on keeping?
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