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Hi everyone, have been registered on here for a few months, reading through lots of journals and must say most are inspiring to say the least. i havent made many posts but thought i may aswell pop up my tank and see what feedback and criticism it will get.
This is my first go at a hightech tank, my previous tank was just lots of plants and lots of fish thrown in and left to its own device, with water changed done when i had time.

originally when i first set it up, this is what the specs were

juwel vision 450 150cm
filtration: tetra tec ex1200 and ex 2400
lighting: 4 x 54 watt t5ho
ferts were a ready mixed solution from an online supplier
and co2 was easycarbo as was searching for a local company who could supply and fill co2 cylinders.
Substrate: iron rich layer with kittly litter ontop which was very very cheap.

the tank is hard to scape as i fell in love with a huge piece of wood but with the size of it, i found it hard to get any real layout.

heres the wood before being cleaned

it was bit of an impulse buy but i like it in my own way, and the added bonus is it didnt float one bit. I alos had a smaller piece from my previous tank which my bristlenose refused to budge from and got himself firmly wedged in and wouldnt come out so it had to go in for the time being.

so just short of a few months ago, this was the tank on the day of being filled

pretty clear i thought after throwing in all that cat litter

and again the day after with some grasses planted

current fish that were put in are
2 albino corys
15 black neon tetra
2 ottos
a kuhli loach
and my only surviving chocolate gourami.
2o cardinal tetras

next i jumped online and did some plant shopping to just get it filled in as quick as possible.

plants ordered were
cryptocoryne wendtii
hygro polysperma
pogostomen helferi
limnophola aromatica
alterentheri reneckei
round pellia
at this point i also decided that i would eventually need much better flow so opted for two fx5 filters via spray bars

this was what it looked like thrown together first of all

this was just over a month and a half ago.

i eventually found a local co2 supplier who gave me a 15kg co2 cyliner for £20 pounds, and filled for £7.50. so after lots of surfing ebay, i went for a working pressure adjustable regulator so i could use the internal super atomiser diffuser which needed higher pressure to work.
Also, with using pressurised co2 i thought it best to go down the EI route, and so glad i did. Growth was improved and algae is allmost non existent in my tank now.

once the tank seemed settled, i decided to get more plants in, and have it more of a jungle ish scape as im not good at scaping and couldnt see anyway to with the hardscape in there.
so out comes most of the plants in there, and i opted for the following

pogosotmen helferi,
blyxa japonica
crypt wendtii
ludwigia repens
ludwigia repens rubin
cryptocoryne balansae
echindorous ozelot
hygro polysperma
lobelia cardinalis mini
anubias nana
limnophila aromatica
crinum calamistratum

i think thats all of it. will pop up current pics bit later today to show then changes made which i think looks better anyway.

Thanks for looking :proud:

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thanks for the comments so far, by pleco and whiptail love the big piece of driftwood, i even find my bristlenose sits out on it during the day, when normally he shoves himself away till lights out.

well i need to pop up some current pics, i changed my lighting too, and opted for an aquamedic ocanlight plus, with 2 x 54 watt t5s and 2 150w halides. This does bump up my lighting to just over 4 watts per gallon so really high, but have been managing it well and so far no algae problems.

heres how its looking so far,

The blyxa japonica has gone mental with the high co2 and halides, and is a lovely tinted pink.
My chocolate gouramis love digging through it all day

not great pics but you can see two of them in there now. Since ive popped my halides on ive noticed my cardinals try to stay in the shaded parts now, maybe the lights are a little too bright so will be getting it hung instead of on temporary feet so i can have it higher up. Pearls like crazy though the minute they come on.
I have my 2 54watts on for 8 hours, and my halides on for a midday burst of 3 to 4 hours.

heres my view from my sofa :icon_smil excuse the mess

im really liking the thickets of plants with no real plan to them, feels natural to me and i love staring at it most of the day.

thanks for looking so far............

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Quick update to my journal do far, I thought I'd try to make full use of the huge piece of wood I had In my tank already, which wasn't being shown off to its full potential, so out everything came and the wood was stood up on its roots to give the image of submerged tree. I also got rid of any stems etc and want to keep my plant list to mainly echinodorous species and crypts.
Still has some filling in to do, but alls going well so far.
Co2 diffusion is perfect now since I made my own co2 reactor inline on the Fx5. Nil bubbles now too. Perfect.

Here's how it looks so far two weeks after the shuffle around.

Haven't taken a full shot yet as right side still needs to fill in a bit
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