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120G Altum tank revised....

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As you all have seen in previous threads this tank was a planted HC tank with many ferns and the like. Well, in the last few months I had no time to care for the HC that grew like a weed without any trimming. You can imagine the rest.....

So, I have decided to go low tech with these Altums. Im waiting on the wood to arrive next week so I can finish the work. I did get my inspiration from this tank....

Houston Aquarium Warehouse Tank | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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I was just wondering about this tank the other day. Can't wait to see this up and running again!
Thats funny you should say that.. I was buying some succulent plants today and was thinking maybe Lego could give me some tips on how to keep them alive:)
Awesome! I'm so tempted to do a hardscape only tank with my 105 just because the maintenance is such a pain on such a deep tank. I'm looking forward to seeing this come together.
This tank will be super low maintenance. :) The Altums should be happy..
very nice orlando can't wait to see it up and running
You and I both:) The wood should be in next Friday, I will update then.
Can't wait to see pictures.

Hey Orlando did you eve get any pictures of that fern?
I still need to get that photo for you Devin!
That tank looks familiar, HAW, I visit them often.
Im just waiting for the LED lights and a few other things:)
These are my Orinoco Altums that will be going in :)

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I wouldn't be surprised if our Altums came from the same source since they're all wc and seasonal. Very nice specimens.

How tall are they?
Anything is possible:) Although these were caught by family of ours Venezuela:)

Now if I can get a dozen more on the next round. These are about 8-9" +/-?
why not go get some nice Cedar from Tom's?
Cut a pinwheel in 1/2, there's the wood and design.

Tom Barr
I'm on my way to Toms right now:)

I will take crummy cell phone pics for everybody.
This is going to be something special -- I've got a hunch :)
I just came back from Toms:) If anybody gets a chance to go there while in town, definitely go.... Im trying to get pics from my phone sent to my email, but they dont seem to be making it. I will keep trying though.......

Playing with knees :)
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I think I will use this last trip to the springs as some sort of inspiration:)

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