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it has been so long since the last time i visit this forum but here i am :D
let us go back to business, here is my tank data

Tank : 120x60x50cm

Lighting : SuperLED by superwen 130x1w + 6x10w per light fitting. so in total 260x1w various colour + 12x10w 6500K white

Filter : Eheim 2260 connected to 1000w chiller, Eheim surface skimmer

Co2 : pressurised, diffused with two intense large bazooka

Substrate : Aquagizi, Pumice, ADA Amazonia new

Flora : Large pearl grass, japanese hair grass, rotala rotundifolia, bucephalandra sp, eriocaulon sp vietnam, blyxa japonica, hygrophila pinnatifida, dwarf riccia, limnophila sp vietnam, mini xmas moss, us fissiden

Fauna : Rummynose tetra, galaxy rasbora, pygmy corydoras, Siamese algae eater, amano shrimp, turbo snail, nerite horned snail, brushmouth pleco

Fertilizer : local liquid fertilizer

Water : 25 degree celcius, using reverse osmosis water. 30% water change weekly

pictures time

this is my previous layout of this tank. didn't do well in IAPLC 2013, rank 393.

it took me 8 hours to clean up the tank

new stuff

two main stones are not big enough, so they need a push. each stone weight around 15kg. this is very dangerous...!!! seriously....!!!

final hardscape

right after planting

I like to take it slow and play it safe, i under-dose the fertiliser and co2 for the first few months. too bad the tank didn't make it for its final shot in time for IAPLC 2014. so i take it even slower now :p here is two pictures of how the tank looks like in the last few months. these two pictures taken around 1.5-2months ago. i do not have the latest picture of it.

i am planting some extra mid ground plants and working on the stem plants shape at the moment. i love this setup so much, very easy to maintain.

hope you like it.


there is absolutely nothing goes wrong with the filtration system and i love it so much. HOWEVER, I've been collecting ADA stuff lately and i cannot deny the quality. i used to think that ADA stuff is overprice; well actually they are, but once you try it you can never stop buying more of them.

i have a 45cm setup with almost all ADA stuff and absolutely happy with the quality of the Aquasky and fertilisers.

so now, i am thinking of getting the ultimate canister filter Superjet ES-2400 for this tank replacing the big green bucket 2260. i know my tank is only 120cm and the ES-1200 is enough. However, the outflow goes through a chiller first before go to the tank.

here are some pictures of my current plumbing

eheim 2260 and chiller behind the tank

inflow and outflow. the outflow is currently too strong so i have to split the output to two lilypipes

and here is an ms paint drawing of my planned setup for the new ES-2400

i will place the ES-2400 next to the tank, outside of the cabinet of course. you do not want to buy a "Ferrari" and place it inside a cupboard do you.

i notice some of the members have personal experience with the Superjet. please give me a short and very personal review about this product. i cannot find it anywhere. and i would like to know your opinion about my new planned setup.

thank you very much =D
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