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A good friend of mine is having for sale, for pick up only in Naperville, IL:

Oceanic 120 gallon glass aquarium (48x24x24 inches).
Eheim Pro II 2028 canister filter
Two 150 W Jager heaters

Labidochromis caeruleus (many)
Synodontis eupterus (3)
Synodontis multipunctatus (1, but I’m not 100% this is correct)

He would like to sell everything as a whole, but other options will be considered (just all equipment, or just all fish). For more details please contact him directly at [email protected]

PS: i know the tank, and it is a great option for a planted tank. I would take it myself, but do not have space for it :( One thing I can tell, the price if you take everything is nice and sweet.
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