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Nice tank. I like the diversity of fish. I too went with doing a micro community tank rather than larger fish.
Look into Psuedomugil rainbowfish species (Gertrudae Aru 2 or Aru 4, Paskai, etc.), even threadfin rainbows, small fish and are shrimp safe to the best of my knowledge (I've seen them kept in shrimp tanks). Colorful, very nice fins and definitely fun to watch them display at each other. Espei rasbora are another beautiful little fish.
Get some more bottom dwellers as well, maybe dwarf corydoras species (Corydoras pygmaeus, habrosus, hastatus)

Would be even nicer if you could get a picture that would do the tank justice (can tell pic quality is not so great, can't really see much of the small fish in the pic, and glass does look a bit dirty). Not bashing, I just know the tank look much better than the pic shows.

Has the gourami ate any shrimp? Aren't Badis a little mean to other fish even though they might be smaller (I know there is a reason I decided to not keep them, but can't remember what it was)?

I like that you are trying to grow plants above water too, just to give it that extra touch.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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