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Nice little nursery you got there. By the way did you ever figure out your new RO system and the higher TDS for the output water?
Ahh yes! Forgot to update. The company had to come out four times but finally the sales rep came and he realized someone had swapped two tubes or something. So he got it sorted out and last I checked the water was at about 3 TDS (my 100 gallon tank was full of 21 TDS water so it has taken a while to dilute but every time I use water for a water change it drops lower. Pump I had installed is not perfect but I would say it is at least twice as fast as the old system so for now I am happy with it. Even though the whole thing didn't go smoothly they are really nice people and amenable to coming out and making things right. Helps that I am pretty chill about these things.
81 - 84 of 84 Posts
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