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Burr, are you still maintaining EI macro levels? Par at substrate 120?
Recently started 5 ppm KNO3, 1 ppm KH2PO4, 3x week, and .25 urea every day. The urea amounts to 1.1 ppm nitrate. 6 ppm K2SO4 on water change days

Too early to say if its any better or worse than standard EI, and making the change along with adjusting micros...further confounds the answer.

The overall speed of things has increased, if you call that a good thing. My guess on that would be the urea.

Ideally you change one thing at a time but I dont always have the patience for that. :)

The actinic dropped PAR to around 108

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@Saxa Tilly

With your knowledge and experience, I think you might just be the right person to take this on.
Thanks, but, there is no way something like this can be undertaken by even a handful of people. It will need lots and lots of people crowd-feeding a database. From that database, you have to weed out what's real and what's not. could just back off on EI chems a bit and go back to relying on the old standard of deficiency IDs.

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What we need today is a toxicity chart.

Is the urea standard 46-0-0 grade?

Have you noticed any change in growth/color with the lower par?
No but its only been a few days. Colors look better to the eyes now with different bulbs. I dont expect much else to change.

The 50 gal has around 90 par and plants do just as well, some even do better.

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Are you using any root tabs?
I use Osmocote Plus, sparingly. Individual balls pushed around certain things.

For example the Downoi has a ball under each plant, but ive grown it just fine without any.

There's 6-8 around the Barclaya. The group of Hygro siamesis has probably 8-10 because Im trying to grow it up fast.

When I moved the Mini myrio from the right side to the left, put 8-10 balls where it was going just for the hell of it. There's 5-6 around the Isoetes.

Anything that's struggling will get a few to see if it helps. Rarely have I ever seen it be a saving grace, if something is having trouble. It usually comes back to whats going on with the water.

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Made a few changes over the past couple of weeks.

Didnt have enough indica to make a nice group so I ordered another batch off aquabid. Supposed to be submerged grown, they were about 12" tall and straight so I believe it is. Originally a very light green with zero top color. Its been in here a few days.

We'll see how it goes. Deadline for AGA is about 3 weeks. Have a couple back up plans to plug and play if necessary.

The tank as a whole...needs at least two or three weeks, primarily to fatten up the Acmella and B colorata, and let the H siamesis get taller.

Finally was able to fill in the left moss wall using lower stuff from the back wall. You can see the line between the new and the old (shows up better in later pics) This new stuff wasnt getting much light.

Barclaya longifolia red is growing pretty fast, the bigger it gets the better, gave it some O+.

Water change was four days ago....for anyone paying attn :p

Spot the Amano??


Didiplis, Acmella and Colorata will get tightened up this weekend on WC day

Need to pack ths Ludwigia sp red tighter in the bottom half behind the Isoetes to kill that dark spot.

Gonna move the Myrio forward some and shape the group better

Trying an experiment with Pennywort running along the very top and sides. It was growing vertical so all the leaves havent turned the right way yet. Might be a good look when it fills in, cant decide yet.


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Amazing as always. The Isotes with the red behind it is my favorite part I think.
Thanks, Ben

Yeah I like that too. If contrast is the goal, what's behind something is just as important as anything, if not more really

It needs a little fine tuning as far as getting the best depth effect from the red ascending in height. Still playing with that

Nice, man! The groupings are so crisp and have great contrast - strongly passing the squint test. Moss walls have added a ton of depth. Are you planning on removing the filter equipment for the AGA shots, or will you try to hide them with plants?
Thanks man, yeah I'll be taking all that out

Spotted! Wow Burr! This tank is amazing, it looks like a real submersed garden! I am sure you'll win the competition!

Is the O+ you are using this one:

Osmocote Plus Outdoor and Indoor Smart-Release Plant Food, 8-Pound (Plant Fertilizer)
Thanks Fab.

Winning is not really the goal, I'd be happy to just feel like it belongs in the conversation. If some of the masters like Laurens or van Wezel enter this year, there's virtually zero chance for this scape winning.

And I hope they do

Yeah that's the stuff. Just be sure you get the "plus" kind because the regular only has macros.

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The tank looks amazing! All the best for the competition.

How frequently do you add Osmocote balls? How many tiny individual balls you add under a plant (eg. under AR Mini or Blyxa)?
How often, just depends. Its not something I keep track of. Just did a second round in the 50 under several things, after like...a year and a half.

Not sue how long it lasts really, guess would be 3-4 months easy, 6+ maybe. Could be a lot less though

When I added the Red Downoi to the 120, each plant got approximately one ball.

AR mini or Blyxa might get 1 or 2 or 3. Seems to help AR, dont think Ive ever used it under Blyxa. Though Im sure it would help say in a lean water column.

Amazing display of color! Starting to get a better idea on my plant groupings every time I look at your tank shots. Best of luck on the ADA submittal.
Thanks man :)

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Burr this might your masterpiece! Colors, shapes, all adds up to a sight to behold!

I hope people appreciate how much work goes into that. It surely doesn't happen by accident, and requires hours of painstaking trimming and planting. Not to mention your unique ability to get the very best out of each plant species.

If I could vote.....well, I think you know what the result would be.............

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