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I'm breaking down this 30c to reboot my 60p. I need to sell this Mini-Xmas Moss wall. This sucker is THICK. You can retie 2-3 walls the same size with the amount of moss on here. I will ship this out with the moss attached on the stainless steel mesh. I sell this moss for $8.00 per golf ball so good deal for someone that wants a lot of min-x mas moss.

This wall took me a good 8 months to grow out. My wall will not have algae, will have snails, may have baby shrimps hiding.

$75 dollars shipped or trade for a FugeRay II 24" Freshwater.

View attachment 58064

View attachment 58065

edit: I just measured....the mesh size 12 inches across...and 7.5 inch vertical...and the moss extends about 1.5 inch past the bottom of the mesh....I have about 3.5 inches of substrate so the wall is a little shorter up and down vs across......The actual mesh is 12 X7.5...the moss size is about 12 X 8.5 inches
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