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I have a Mr Aqua 12 long that's doing quite well. Using two Up-Aqua LED clamp lights, I've divided the tank into a high light and a low light area. I'm growing a forest of bacopa monnieri with lobelia cardinalis peppered throughout in the high light section, and in the low light section I have crypts, assorted anubias, and a banana lily.

My intention is to jungle out the plants; thicken the crypts in the low light to make a sort of carpet, and trim/replant the bacopa into a dense forest.

There are a couple concerns I have with the tank. I'm pretty happy with the scape itself, but I'd love any feedback or critiques.

As you can see, I've tied anubias to the driftwood on the left. One of them is often partially out of the water due to evaporation, and a couple of the leaves seem to crisp up or rot in the air. The exposed leaves also get a nasty white chalkiness on them. Is there anything I can do to protect them, or am I doomed to top off every day? I may also clip the affected leaves and hope the plant grows the new ones securely underwater.

I've stocked the tank with 5 adorable mystery gobies. If anyone knows what kind they are, please let me know! They seem to burrow in the substrate during the day or when the light is on, or else take shelter in the bacopa stems. They're quite hard to spot, and I rarely see more than one or two at a time.

The problem is that since I want to continuously trim and fill out the bacopa, and I usually don't see these fish, I'm kind of worried that they won't get out of the way of my tongs when I'm driving clippings into the substrate. I'm definitely going to be careful, and try to make a commotion when I plant so they know to get out. Can I rely on them to zip over to a safer area, or am I just going to scare them further down and accidentally stab my fish?

Thanks for reading. Just for fun, my tank specs:

12g Mr Aqua
Eheim Classic 250
Archaea 50w heater
Up-Aqua Y25, Up-Aqua Y18

Flora: Bacopa monnieri, Lobelia cardinalis, Cryptocoryne spp., Anubias coffeefolia, Anubias barteri var. nana, Anubias barteri, Anubias bonsai, Nymphoides aquatica

Fauna: Pseudomugil gertudae, Pseudomugil signifer, Pseudomugil paskai, Betta splendens, Gobiidae sp., ghost shrimp, nerite snail, pond and ramshorn snails

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