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12 Gallon Pics

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Hey everyone, I was snapping some pics of my tank earlier today and figured I would see what you guys think of it. Its a 12 gallon JBJ Cube with 48 watts of PC lighting. Currently Im using DIY C02 with a ladder. Fish are 5 rasboras and 2 curviceps and 2 otos. The plants are still filling in so it doesn't look too great yet. Theres also a good deal of thread algea that Im constantly pulling out. So what do you all think of it?
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nice so far, is that hc as the foreground? i hope so, otherwise i am just seeing everything as hc ever since i fell in love with it!

and is that black flourite as the substrate? looks good, i haven't tried flourite yet cos i had corydoras but am keen to see how it goes.

good piece of dw but all will be better once the plants grow in and engulf the dw and substrate : )
Wow thanks for that. I figured this thread was dead. It is HC up front, its spreading pretty nice for me. The substrate is by seachem but not the new flourite. Its pretty big, not what i expected when i ordered, but it seems to be working.

Your tank looks great. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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