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So I've had a 5 gallon tank for about 6 months that were housing neon tetras and an otocinclus til about a week ago. Unfortunately, last year I lost all my tank inhabitants - the rasboras, some shrimp and an endler to a power outage. The heat went out for a week as it does nearly every year, and it was the middle of January. I couldn't keep my friends alive. :(

I went to the pet store a week after, did not do enough research, and brought home 6 neon tetras, which should have been in a 10 gallon tank instead of a 5. They've done really well in the 5 gallon however, along with an oto. I've just recently been able to re-home them. I set up a 12 gallon bookshelf aquarium at my fiance's (who lives with modern power lines, yay!) and just transfered the fish yesterday.

Tank mostly of set up 3 days ago. Bought a few new plants from the lfs.

Transfered my filter, decoration, and plants with some extra ceramic material from the back seeded to the new filter.
Put the fish in after acclimating them to the new tank for 40 minutes, and arranged the last of the plants and decorations.

Unfortunately, I've lost 1 neon. I think it may have been the stress from the move - I had to take all the decorations and plants out of the old tank and chase them around with a net to catch them all. Did a 25% pwc when I found it the morning after and have been feeding the other fish lightly.

Thankfully, they all seem to be doing better this evening. They've finally started to come out of hiding and play again, and seem very interested in food. It's interesting that they actually school more in this tank; they'd never really schooled in the 5g, probably because there wasn't enough room to actually lose each other.

And boy am I glad I re-homed that oto! He has never seemed happier. He used to spend about half or more of his time lounging around whereas now he definitely spends most of his time wiggling around the aquarium to forage for food. His belly is probably the largest I've ever seen it. I'll still be keeping an eye on the water parameters over the next few days and hopefully everyone grows to love the new home soon. Eventually I'm hoping to stock this tank with many cherry shrimp, a few more amanos, a school of pygmy cories, and perhaps 1 or 2 more otocinclus fish. The 5g will probably become a shrimp tank.

Slightly off topic from the fish, but this is the first time I've had an actual plant light. When I went to check on the tank yesterday I found a seemingly new plant shoot from my saggitaria plant. Today I found it poking out of the water, along with a small white flower bloom! I had no idea they bloomed and thought it was absolutely adorable. :grin2:
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