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12" cube woodscape

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The hardscape for my hopefully soon to be 12" cube. It's just a bunch of thicker twigs I had laying around glued together with a hot glue gun.

I find it amusing that, instead of just using one of the numerous manzanita trees I have laying around, I go and stick some twigs together.

The plan for this is an island scape with a white sound forground, with a bush of stems growing around the center so the twigs end up sticking out. I'm not a fan of that dark moss and anubias style, so none of that here. :hihi:

As to fauna, I was thinking a small school of 7 or so boraras briggitae, maybe some dwarf cories, then some sort of centerpiece fish.
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It'll be really nice, I'd recommend cobbles around the base, any old cobbles, all sizes and colours, with intermediate pillows of dwarf pelia and graded gravels helping the transition into the sand. It'd look really really good with bolbitis but I've found it temperamental in nano's. Stems wise I'd go with HM and a Nesaea pedicellata contrast. E. Tennelus would be good as a transitionary plant between the back and fore, hairgrass would be an alternative. I personally would go for dario dario as your center peice fish, they're extremely pretty and very good in nano's I wouldn't get the cory's and the boras, I don't think they'd compliment the scape as well as a larger shoal (say 12) boras would.
Regarding the wood, you may find it easier once the tank arrives to remove some of the wood, remember you have to be able to waggle tools round in their and too much wood can look unnatural and contrived, it's a hard line to tread!
Best of luck and I hope to see it planted out soon! I think you're onto a winner.
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