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Just did a huge trim so I have a large Plant package, Mixed flate rate envelope full. You will get some red plants some green plants some that are pink, and I will throw some subwassertang in there as well. 18$ shipped

I have 12 audlt SS -SSS crs (3-4 are out of seans kangshi prl). Mixed male female already breeding. I am starting over with new SSS+ colony so selling these 98 plus shipping. 15$ priority or 35 express shipping. Some more of the shrimp could be from Sean's prl, but I know for sure 3-4 are. Never got any goldens out of these in 3-4 baby batches

I have a half a 5 gallon bucket with cycled mixed Africana mostly and Amazonia new mixed together. I had to much in 2 of my tanks and the PH was sitting at 4.8. To low for me. $40 or trade for Shrimps. Would have to be local pick up still really wet. Roseville CA/Sacramento CA $50

PFR Culls 18$ for 20 plus shipping 15 priority pic of the pfrs they came from

Anubias Nana Large one 15+ leaves 10.00 6$ priority shipping

Aquaclear 30 - 14$ plus shipping
Aquaclear 20 - 12 plus shipping Both have media

Large Tree stump decoration 20$ This is a decor stump not real wood. This is a nice center piece and is a true stump, not like you having to attach several pieces of mazanita together. Plus shipping

Subwassertang $5.00 a golfball

$5 a sandwich bag full of frogbit mixed with DWL.
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