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would this light be enough to successfully sustain/grow the following plants in a 12x12x12" cube?

plants im planning on using are needle leaf java fern, java fern, dwarf hairgrass, java moss, a few stems of tropica049, and some other stems of some light green stargrass looking stuff. all of these plants are currently doing well in my 10g with black flourite substrate, with diy co2, pfertz N dosing every other day and one mL of excel every morning.

Jebo Small Aquarium Light with Holder - Model JB13

• 13 watt PL Bulb provides 6500k full spectrum illumination, making it ideal for aquatic plant growth
• Bulb canopy is oval shaped measures 8 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1"
• Energy saving
• Always on - No on/off switch with this model (i'd use my timer of course)
• Smart and easy to use design. Fastens easily to the lip of the tank
• Durable construction
• 120 volts
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I think that light will be low to low medium light at 12 inches from the substrate. It should work for the plants you listed, but the taller plants will all grow towards the middle of the tank, or where ever you put the light. For a cube tank that probably won't look bad.
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