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Amano Shrimp aren't really bred in captivity, so you'd have to buy them from someone like Rachel/msjinkzd (she's a forum sponsor - check out her subsection).

As far as Rili go, they're not really exotic. Same species at Red Cherry Shrimp, so they'll thrive in the same conditions. Could definitely start with Rili or any other Neo - like Painted Fire Red, Pumpkin, et al.

Honestly I want to start with a pretty hardy shrimp like the cherries, but I'm so tempted to jump into the more exotic types such as the CRS or Rili variety. I've kept a large amount of amano shrimp in the past so I have some kinda experience.

I'm also trying to find a good breeder and haven't run across any journals that talk about that.
1 - 2 of 63 Posts
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