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10W Led flood light

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I am starting a new 10 gallon cube and looking for some useble light, it is going to be another low light tank.

It is somewhat difficult to get those 6500K Cfl bulbs where i live, but i see there is plenty of options of those 10W led flood lights.

Does anybody have any experience with those cheap led flood lights? Does a 10W have enought power for low light plants? And is it possible to place a led flood light with 120 degrees angle directly on top of the tank cover? Will the light cover all the tank, tank dimmensions is 30x30x35 cm.

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Hmmm, had a loose trigger finger, just ordered a couple of those flood led lamps:eek5:

Didn't have time to wait for comments, i try them out:thumbsup:

Did choose a flood light with Epistar led, hoping the quality is not too bad.

That will definitely be plenty of light on that size tank.
Not sure there were many reports of flood lights not lasting for long, and they are bulky.

Why not use led spot lights PAR38 instead, there are 10W, 12W, 14W, 15W, available in daylight.

I found a led COB light on ebay, 20 watts (6000-6500K), 2000 lumens, 29$, 122mm of diameter. I am planning on trying one in my next setup.

Cannot tell about the PARs.

Those cob led par38 shure looked interesting, if the flood light is no good i just might try out those cob's.
I was also hoping the led flood light with 120 degrees light beam/angle could be placed right on the tanks top cover, maybe using some kind of diffuser if the light is to strong.
i used two 10w led's over a standard 10g tank to grow a nice carpet and erios. The lamps sat on top of a glass cover and provided good coverage of light. For a tank taller than 12", i would recommend getting a higher wattage model as you will notice the light intensity decreases significantly by a few inches. Mine have been used for 2 years on and off without any problems.
Thanks acitydweller!

That sounds promising.

The flood led lamp i ordered have the driver placed in the bottom of the fixture instead of on the back. Therefore it is only 4 cm thick not looking bulcky , and hopfully it would look ok placed on the top of the tank not hidden.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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