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10Gz | The Return | Photo Dump + Journal - ADA, Current USA, #Love

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Starfire 36cm 6.5 gallon rimless tank
ADA Aquasky 361 LED light
Eheim 2211 canister filter filled w/ plastic pot scrubbers
VIV glass inflow/outlow pipes
DiCi CO2 regulator w/ bubble counter + check valve + solenoid
5lb CO2 tank
glass CO2 ceramic diffuser
dollar store daily timer for light

foreground: dwarf baby tears
background: rotala rotundifolia

male cherry barb x6
otocinclus x2

substrate: ADA Amazonia
light period: 8 hours
maintenance: 60% water change once a week on Sunday
ferts: NPK + micros + Excel - dosed HEAVY once a week on Sunday after water change
CO2: ~2bps 24/7
fish are fed Omega One Garlic Marine Flakes every other day, zucchini and cucumber once in a while

current setup started on 10/29/2014:



currently running:

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I love the sleek rimless cube with the attached glass light fixture. So absolutely clean... the glass diffuser.. Well done...

I don't know if you've ever considered throwing a Banana Plant in there... It's hard to find an Aquascape for it but maybe it could go in there.. It's got a sweet leaf that gets sent to top. hmmm
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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