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Plants in here either didn't find a home in my other tanks or weren't given away. Tank is located next to my desk, at the side of my peripheral vision.

light: standard 12" t8 6500k bulb, fixture on glass cover
substrate:mix of eco c and gravel
filter: fluval nano submersible filter
diy 2L co2, EI dosing, 50% w/c every sat

Establishing the tank with seeded filter, DWL, used substrate...

Lots of DWL here, eventually sold off most of it...

Bought some cool rocks from lfs, trying out pogostemon helferi from petsmart...

Finally got to removing that ugly biowheel, added some new plants...

Today's pic, time between this and last was a month. all the downoi slowly whithered away, picked up some baby tears from a local...

no fish or shrimp, mixed ramshorn and pond snails, and many different microorganisms inhabit the tank.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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