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Anubias afzeli
A. congensis
A. frazeri
A. hastifolia
A. nana
A. nana "petite"
Bolbitis heudelotti
Blyxa alternifolia
Bucephalandra sp "mini Velvet"
Bucephalandra sp
Ceratopteris thalictroides
Cryptocoryne wendtii "mixed"
Fissidens fontanis
Hydrocotyle tripartida "Japan"
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Limnophila sp "Mini Vietnam"
Microsorum pteropus "regular"
M. "Narrow"
M. "Needle"
Nymphoides cordata
Saraurus cernuus
Spirodella polyrhiza
Staurogyne sp "Porto Velho"
Mixed mosses

DSM phase: I didn't like it so I rearranged a bit before flooding

Original planting after flooding: had some P. erectus, an unknown Rotala sp., Lobelia cardinalis but removed them after flooding - some of the java fern dislodged :confused1:

Final set-up: pleased at last!! Still looking for more A. nana, nana "petite", barteri, larger Buces etc. Also, no final stock list yet.. thinking Neon tetras and, Dario hysginon

Week 2
Got in some more Anubias nana and A. nana "petite", also started noticing some algae so I added fast growing stems(Guppy grass and, Creeping Jenny)... also, added back unknown Rotala and P. erectus. Removed H. tripartita "Japan", S. "Porto Velho" and, Nymphea cordata. Added Rotala "colorata" and, R. "Green":


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I think that what you have in the last picture is great.
I do wonder how it will look after say 90 days or more because a couple of the plants(I know few by name) that I see on your list I have omitted from my potential list for my
10g tanks because of the mature size of them. Crypt Wendtii for example.
Am I correct in thinking that's not a conventional 10g tank ?

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Nope, standard 10g.. 18" long, 12" tall, 10" deep .. I chose the crypts so they would really fill in the left side, I'll probably wind up spreading them out some more in the next week.. the two Anubias(frazeri and hastifolia) are largER species. We'll see how they do!

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I don't see the Blyxa alternifolia. Did it melt?
No, it's just two little nubs I got as a bonus in a package a while back. It originally melted back pretty hard but is making a come back. I moved it to this tank bc it was getting shaded by other plants in the tank it was in. Trimmed it to two 1" pieces and put it in here.. look just to the left of the H. tripartida right behind the Staurogyne "Porto Velho" at the base of the wood.

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cool little set up.

idk what your water is like, but why not do cardinal tetras? in a smaller tank like that you wouldnt need as many, so it won't be as costly as if it was a 40g
Cardinals get too big for a 10g, plus my fish generally live a long time! I have some Zebra danios that I had as my original schooling fish - still have six of the ten after almost four years! They are all right 2" SL! Have you ever seen a full grown, HEALTHY cardinal? They aren't small, lol! Plus, I don't want the water in this tank that warm. I'm thinking Dario hysignion, as females are MUCH more available than Dario dario females, 1m:2-3f, CPDs/Danio erythromicron(not both), a Nerite snail and, MAYBE shrimp. I've also considered threadfin rainbows. 1-2m:3-5f and Daisy's ricefish(Oryzias woworei).
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