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10g shrimp tank journal.... enjoy!

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Decided to start a journal on this one.

Tank size: Standard 10 gallon tank that you find everywhere:

Lighting: 10.5" brooder lamp with 26w CFL bulb (6,500k)

Substrate: Crappy Walmart black gravel (I need to get some sand)


Fauna: Uncountable number of Red Cherry shrimp, from newborns to old

Background: Few small stems of Anacharis, Rotala rotundifolia,
Moneywort, Brazilian Pennywort, and excess from other 10g of Ambulia (If you want some, you can PM me to see if I want to sell it.).
Midground: Some Java moss and precious little Flame moss.
Foreground: none

Filtration: A crappy Aqueon QuietFlow 10
Heating: Top fin 50 watt heater
Top: none

Future stuff: More plants, I hope. I'm getting some Cholla wood for the Flame moss to attach to, but otherwise, no immediate plans.

Whaddya think? Got an idea, or a thought of an improvement? Post it!
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So my Java moss was/is dying, and was growing clado and a bit of BBA. Obviously the lighting's fine, but any ideas what's causing this? The lights are also on a timer, about 7 hours a day, with a break in between.

Ideas much appreciated!
Oopsies. There is actually a new journal started. It's in my sig, but I'll link it too. Thanks!!
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