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Hey there. I did have a journal of this tank already but also had my 55g with it, well now the big tanks gone, and figured it was time for the 10g's own thread.

Early details can be found in the link, but i will post a couple pics for people just coming in

10g planted RCS tank, 55g community journal

CaribSea Floramax substrate
(2) 10wat aquarium cfls (not twisted)
Double Sponge Filter
Fluval ceramic rings
Ebi Ken Kou Yang 10gram ;)

API Co2 booster (liquid)
Seachem Flourish
Seachem Replenish (not right now)

Christmas Moss (Vesicularia Montagnei)
Needle Leaf Java Fern (Microsorum Pteropus 'narrow')
Amazon Sword (Echinodorus Amazonicus)
Elodea (Elodea Canadensis)
Compacta (Hygrophlia Corymbosa Stricta)
Umbrella Plant (Spathiphylium Wallisii)
Windelov Java Fern (Microsorium Pteropus)
Kyoto (Ophiopogon Japonica)
Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon Japonica)
(Will discuss this below)

Red cherry shrimp

Couple Pics:


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I will update the first post more but need to jump forward to now...

Day 3. 4th dead shrimp!! I did 1/2gal wc yesterday and another one today (was too late for death) i need to get this under control QUICK. My water params are all jacked up but afraid to do too big of a water change because of babies.

Got GH from 24 down to 19 today... I might do a whole gallon tomorrow, see how that goes and continue on from there... Tds is also down over 50 (from 400+)

Ugh. I think it all has to do with remineralizing RO water when i shouldve just used RO. Rookie mistake... Im still learning, coming from dechlorinated tap water only...

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Updated flora list. I will discuss in full detail sometime later, but i have several questions, mostly disappointed that my kyoto is mondo grass and neither is fully aquatic. Oy vey. Also the java fern isnt fully aquatic!? I will go deeper later.

Its been 24hrs since ive had a shrimp death (yay) havnt got to check full params but tds is under 300 i believe... Full details later!

Gh 13
Kh 7
Tds 297

(Will do another change and test tomorrow) to get numbers a little lower

Lots of movement, seem way more active, seeing molts and have a few berried mommas :) i have done a (1)gal water change for 2 days now, and was doing 1/2g waterchanges before that... Now i just have to figure out where i went wrong last time and keep it steady!

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Did a moss trim, id say i cut off just as much as Jake sent me at first... Its in a cup for now debating if i should start a rock for my 20L or RAOK it... Decisions decisions...

I already added this pic to first post as well but... Post trim. (I will clean up bits with tomorrows wc)

Its more than it seems, bigger than a golf ball for sure


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TDS 297
GH 13
KH 7

1gal water change today and

TDS 281
GH 10
KH 6

How come the change is so small now? Because im getting closer to my numbers?

P.s.- a week ago this tank was about
Tds 400+
Gh 24
Kh 13?

So, wayyyy better but still honing in. No deaths in 48hrs!! Lol

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I have to give a BIG shout out to Jake (Somewhatshocked) if you keep shrimp and dont have his complete veggie... What are you even doing with your life (lol) its pretty obvious he is adding some sort of shrimp crack because my RCS dont go crazy for anything but his foods. And trust me, i have tried A LOT of different foods.

Crap pictures, but biggest feeding frenzy to date (50~ shrimp) dining on jakes complete veggie...


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Havent really had much to update on this lately but... !

I found another dead rcs yesterday?! Params are fine, temps fine. Only thing is i did kinda change the parameters quickly... Did (5) 1gal water changes in 5 days... So im guessing its that... They all seem to be doing well tho, except the dead ones lol

Quick question before pics... If i just added some osmocote+ in the substrate, can i stop dosing with Flourish? I havent looked up the exact nutrients but im pretty sure theyre both NPK (aka macros) right?

Couple new plants here and there, will have to come back for names :/


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OK guys, I need some help with answers here please!!

Had a not full grown adult rcs die on me. Parameters are a couple posts up, will have time to do full check up tomorrow. I thought all my previous deaths were because I dropped the tds wayyy too quick/low. But the tank has been "stable" again for almost a week, and I still get a random death every 3-4 days. They usually are found newly dead, or getting ready to kick the bucket...

But today I found this one pictured below, and ive never had 1 this color. its SUPER light pink, but going to white. the color is "milky" but not the insides, just the legs and parts of the body. parasite? or tds issue? I have 6~ berried females right now and I dont want to start going backwards. Pic included even if its crap.

2nd Q

Id like to add this back to the tank since im seeing diatoms popping up... never had them when I had 2 filters, so id like to go back. FLuval products... prefilter sponge, and ceramic whatevers and a nice thick pad. Is that enough for this filter or do I really need to go get "filter floss" ?? Or what do I need? lol help me out here!

Question 3

What causes striping in RCS? Now they are growing older, I swear more than half of my shrimps have racing stripes... this isnt a genetic problem is it?? I can take pictures, but almost EVERYONE of the females has the stripe, and the males are easy to see because size and color difference... both these females are berried and have TONS of eggs... notice the stripe...

Like i said I can take plenty more pictures because theyre EVERYWHERE! I bought them locally (most of them)
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