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I am not sure what this goes under, so I thought this was the best place....

I have a 10g RCS tank with 4 juvie Cherries, and 4 juvie Ghost question is not about them...I have pennywart, naja, cabomba?, lace fern and hornwart. I have plant bulbs in there (2-6400k, 15watt fluorescent daylight bulbs). The pennywart is doing great, naja is doing good, the cabomba is doing ok (not great, but growing slowly), the lace fern is not doing so well (turning dark brown and dying...not growing), and the hornwart is not well at all (little growth, but soon turns yellow and dies). I have Eco-Complete as the substrate. I also have a few Ramshorn snails, and a few pond snails. I had a bad bought of brown algae, but that has been taken care of. I do not run CO2, and I am not sure what to fert with because of the shrimp...lights are on around 10 hrs a night.

Now on the other hand, I have a 5.5g with the same substrate, same plants (plus Java Moss), LOTS of ramhorn and pond snails, (had) 4 guppy, 1 male Betta, (had but lost 3 to old age) 5 GS adults. Those plants are doing great! All green and growing. I don't do anything different except an overstocked tank and the lights (if I am reading this it from lfs because I could not find an 8in plant light at petco or petsmart) are on for around 6 hrs weekdays and off all weekend (5.5g is at work) feed the fish and I need to put fishfood into the shrimp tank? I do feed a little algae waffer to them, but the snails eat it...I have put a few shrimp pellets in there, but the shrimp don't touch it, and I end up removing it and throwing it away. I am getting more Cherry juvies sometime this week, so I will be feeding the pellets then...sorry probably too much unneeded info...
Any suggestions on why the plants are not doing well? Is the lighting in the 10g not good enough? What size (K and watt) should I use? I am still very new at planted tanks, and I did research this topic before I posted, but I did not find anything close enough to my problem to give me answers.
Thanks guys!
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