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Hello all,

I just set up my first planted tank. I have 2 of the 13 watt daylight CFs. Ive been leaving the light on for about 8-10 hours a day. It also has flourite for its substrate. Right now it has about 50 cherry shrimp that I hope to breed and sell.

As far as plants go I have:

Anubias Spp.
Java moss
Java Fern
Wendtii Bronze
Crypt Lucens
Narrow Leaf Hygro
Apongeton ( not sure which kind)
Ozelot Swords
Melon sword

Will all these plants survive ok? I receive about 5 of the ozelot swords for free but he wasn't sure if they would do well in my tank. He also mentioned they will out grow my tank.

My question is do I need to be dosing with ferts? excel? I was looking into Pfertz and may consider trying that out.

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Yes you need to fertilize but luckily with such a low tech tank you won't need to do much as your plants will need less C02 and ferts.

I'd recommend adding root tabs once every three or four months (one tab per plant near it's roots) for your rooted plants and Greenleafs 'Ultimate GH Booster' with every water change for everything else plus some Excel every three or four days for C02.

The crypts will probably melt and will look like hell for awhile but they should grow back with the proper food and care and the swords will probably outgrow the tank but that will take awhile with a low tech setup.

- Brad
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