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10g Filter: Aqueon 10 or AquaClear (Fluval) 20?

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If it came down to it, I suppose I would easily go with the AquaClear, as I have experience with those and have been happy. But I like to try different equipment on my tanks. How else can one learn first hand what works and doesn't work.

Would it be worth my time to get an Aqueon 10 and customize the media chamber or should I just stick with the Aquaclear 20?

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You can also customize on the AC20. I have one with custom media.

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I like the Aquaclear because it is an open space to be filled with whatever I want.
No worries, I was just curious if it was worth my time to try the Aqueon. I like to have an idea of how to work with all types of equipment.

I think in this case it is worth my time to just get the AC 20, as I am familiar with it.
The aquaclear filters are imo better quality filter wise. They allow you to pick and choose your media and they provide great flow.

However that being said the aqueon quiet filters are DEAD QUIET. I can't even tell mine is on except by the swaying of the plants. It still filters pretty well, but it is harder to customize.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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