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10G Betta Sorority

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I restarted my 10 gallon with the encouragement of a friend, and together we put five female bettas in it. We started off with mostly fake plants, and a lot of stuff for them to interact with. I've slowly been pulling things out as I didn't like how they were holding algea, or getting white filmy stuff on it. Today I decided to take the rest of the crappy decorations out, and replant with all live. The Dojo's in my 20g like to dig up some things, so I pulled what was floating and rinsed it and planted it in the 10 after a good draining and cleaning.

it's looking a little barren right now, hopefully it'll grow and fill in nicely over the next few months. Thinking about headng out to the big LFS about an hour away and getting a pygmy synadontis as a bottom dweller


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Much prefer live plants. Looks nice.

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Nice start but you need a lot more plants to break up line of sight and give weaker fish some place to hide, With a sorority I suggest you get as many plants as you can and put them in all at once the less you rearrange the tank the Betta, There is a hierarchy in a sorority and each time you change something around it can upset it causing fish to chase each other and try climb the social ladder so the speak.

A few floating plants wont go astray also.

If you want have a look at my sorority
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