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So tomorrow I'm probably starting on my tear downs to get rid of a huge piece of furniture. My 10 gallon that currently houses 6 or seven bloodfin tetras and 6 peppered corydoras and a finfull betta is the first to go and is being transferred to a 25 gallon cube.

current tank specs for the 10 gallon
Lighting: Marineland leds[medium lighting]
Fertz: fish poop, flourish comprehensive. osmocotePlus in the substrate.
Substrate: a mix of carbsea fine white sand and PFS
Filter: Eheim EccoPro 2232
Tank is derimmed, cories are moving in to the 43 gallon with the other small school of cories

New Tank
18x18x18 acrylic cube
Sits on top of a fluval osaka 155 stand
Filter: Rena filstar xp2, standard intake, drilled outflow. Will have inline reactor and mostly hard plumbed.
Lighting: 2x24 watt t5HO about 7 inches from surface, marineland led strip for moonlighting and supplemental lighting for background plants
Co2:pressurized custom built rig[Built by Josh:Oldpunk78], has dual needle valves so will also support the 43 gallon.
Flora:Misc brazillian stems, and maybe some kind of sword like ground cover
Substrate:pFS with osmocotePlus and peat moss, may cover with almod leaves if I do not use ground cover
Fauna: Bloodfin tetras 7-15, a bristlenose pleco pair and some amanos
Fertz: Dry NPK+trace, yet to find a dosing method I like
Hardscape: a nice piece of manzanita that I got from PC1 that will serve as a flame and possible peacock moss tree, and some slate and rainbow shale
Heater: either a 25 watt heater that is easily hidden or a 50-100 watt. most likely wont be needed
any other information i will post as I do my building tomorrow

will post more information on the 43 gallon once i learn how to re seal it as it was intended for reptiles and the seal is very small and I do not trust it one bit for long term water holding. if you have advice on this that would be awesome

also anyone interested in a 10 gallon and 20 gallon long that don't have the top rims with no cracks or scratches I'll be selling them for 1 dollar per gallon, pick up in 92705 only
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