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102 fry

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Oh I so had to share. My dalmation Molly had 102 fry last night. One Hundred and Two!!!!! :icon_eek:


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I had to take a digital photo and count the photo.

It wasn't too bad, because they didn't move much to start with.

Hmm, going to need a new tank. I really need to separate girls and boys.

I have no idea if the store will take these. They are all the same colour. The last batch were much more interesting colours.

Note to self: Dalmation + Black Molly = pretty boring babies.

Sunrise + Silver = huge colour variations

I had better get on this. What if she does it again?

Oh and I found more that didn't make it and some in the plants. New total 109. And I didn't have her in a breeding tank, so I have no idea how many they ate or got sucked in the filter.

Not the most profitable experience, but a great learning one.

Next....beautiful guppies I think.

And I am still planning my Beautiful Planted Tank. Maybe I could have the boys in the Beautiful tank.

This is becoming an expensive hobby.:bounce:
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